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2400 Wildwood Ave
Sherwood, AR, 72120
United States


We are Arkansas' premier business telecom provider. We have been involved in telecommunications in Little Rock for over 25 years and have grown to servicing all of Arkansas and Memphis.

User Guides



For all additional questions please feel free to contact our office and one of our techs would be happy to assist you. 



  1. Life the handset or press speaker 

Answering a call 


  1. Pick up the handset or press speaker
  2. Dial the extension

*Extensions can be programmed to be one touch dailing

calling an extension



Dial Pad 


  1. Recall- Used to disconnect calls and get dial tone for next call
  2. Feature- Used in programming
  3. Answer- Used to answer a second call, like call waiting
  4. Mic- Turns the phone's mic/handset min on/off
  5. Menu- Access to call history, directory settings
  6. Hold- Place caller on hold
  7. Transfer- Used when transferring a call
  8. Speaker- Press to answer or place calls on hands free
  9. Silver navigation buttons- Used for redial and volume control

  1. Pick up handset or press speaker 
  2. Dial 9
  3. Dial call normally

External Call


  1.  With a line key lit green, press the red HOLD key and line key will flash green
  2. To retrieve the held call, press the flashing green line key  



         1. Access to call history, directory settings 

Menu Button


          1. With call in progress, press PARK key to park the call                                     2. Page or dial the extension # to announce parked call                                         and location. 



  1. Press REDIAL on round silver button
  2. Press the UP and DOWN arrow soft keys to scroll through
  3. Lift handset or press # key for last number dialed




  1. Dial 720
  2. Press 1 for internal (station to station within the office)
  3. Press 2 for external (outside call coming in)
  4. Select tones from 1-8
  5. Hang up the phone to select the tone 

Transferring a call 


  1. Press Transfer
  2. Dial the extension
  3. Hang up the phone 


  1. Press the transfer key
  2. Dial the extension
  3. Announce the call
  4. Hang up the phone 

  1. Press the transfer key
  2. Dial the extension number
  3. Press the VMS soft key button and hang up                                                                      

Transferring a call      to voicemail 


  1. Use the round silver navigation buttons on the phone by pressing the TOP/BOTTOM buttons
  2. Ringer volume can be changed while the phone is ringing
  3. Speaker/handset volume can be changed during a conversation

volume control